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What exactly is Timewave? At its core, Timewave is an app that allows you to create flowing timers, i.e chains of timers that fire one after the other. You can create workouts, cooking timers, pomodoro timers, etc.

You can create a timer that fires after 10 minutes on your phone, right? but, what if you could create another one that started right after the current timer and fired 20 minutes after that and another one that fires 5 minutes after that? and on on on…
Timewave allows you to do just that. With our app, you can create all kinds of workflows that involve sequential tasks.
We also did some experimental design work here, namely a full black & white UI throughout the app. Which was an interesting challenge to make work. Feedback appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time and hope you enjoy using our app.
- the timewave team


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