Privacy Policy

Debugging Data

We use Apple’s opt-in service for crash reporting. Your device model, iOS version, the date that the crash occurred and any other crash data that Apple’s crash reporting service makes available to us, will be viewable by us. For more Information, visit the Apple Privacy Policy.

Personal Data

We use the Revenue Cat SDK to process In-App Purchases. The types of data it collects as part of the service can be found here.
The following data may be collected:
- "Purchase History": "Analytics" & "App Functionality" to analyse and enable In-App Purchases.
- "Identifiers": We use "User ID" to ensure all your purchases are available on all your devices automatically.

Apart from that, we do not collect any other personal data. Anything you enter in TimeWave, is stored locally and on your private iCloud Account, not on our servers. Therefore it is not accessible to us.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or considerations, please get in touch with our team.