Flowing Timers for Sequential Tasks

Black and White Design. Ironically Modern.
Available on Mac (Apple Silicon), iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch.
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This isn’t just another timer app. This is your favorite timer app’s favorite timer app. With TimeWave, you can create sequential timers for tasks like cooking, productivity and custom workouts.

- Cody Lee, iDownloadBlog

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What I like most about TimeWave, though, is its clean, black-and-white design that adapts nicely to different-sized screens.

- John Voorhees, MacStories

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Best iPhone Apps of July, 2021. I really wish the stock iOS app had this feature. But sadly it doesn't, so I guess that's where TimeWave comes in.

- Beau Hamilton, Slashdot

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This is a super cool app and it really rethinks what a timer should be. I plan on using it for cooking whenever they say like 'oh boil for this and wait this', that's like perfect.

- Dimitri Bouniol, Host - codecompletion.io

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The thing that blew our minds is the full black & white UI throughout the app which was an interesting challenge to make work for sure.

- Domagoj Bagaric, CEO - Sintezis Startup Studio Limited.

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TimeWave is one of those apps that is pretty hard to find in the App Store, but is so worth the search.

- Scheme Viller, AppStore User

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There was an iOS app years ago that did something very similar. I don’t remember the name, but I loved it at the time. As a teacher with ADHD, that app was the only way I could make it through a stack of term papers. You got an instant sale from me, just for the concept, and I’ll definitely come back after I’ve tested with any comments or feedback.

- /u/brianjwalton

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Timewaves For Your Tasks

Make a specific timewave for each of your workflows that involve sequential tasks like custom tabata workouts, cooking timers, pomodoro timers, etc. Create. Save. Launch. Experience the serenity of the TimeWave Calibre powered by impeccable time-keeping from the TimeWave Engine.

Create Sequential Timers

Timewave allows you to create chains of timers that fire one after the other. Each of these timers is called a timebar. Chains of timebars are placed in a specific order to make a timewave. We built a custom designed time input UI with haptic feedback that was specifically designed to make the process of inputting time as easy and pleasant as possible. No more weird scroll wheels.

Minimalistic Black & White Design

A black and white design with a modern touch. The TimeWave Calibre screen is designed to offer an elegant and calm scene while you focus on the task at hand. The calibre design incorporates a topbar that displays the the time you launched the timewave as well as the the time you are expected to finish. It also allows you to control the Sound Effects as well as the AI Assistant feature - where the app will announce ‘what has to be done for how long’. For eg: ”Breathe In For 4 Seconds”. Now you dont have to look at the screen as it shifts to a new timebar.

Advanced Reports

Get an overview of your progress across the week, month & year visualised with charts. See how you many minutes you ran the timewave during the last 7 days, the last 30 days & the last 12 months.

Drag and Drop Add Button

Press and Hold. Drag and Drop. Add a new timebar. We added simple and intuitive gestures throughout the app to make your most used interactions a seamless experience. On iPad we have Split View Support, so you can also drag and drop text from cooking websites, fitness apps, articles, etc. into the TimeWave Editor and it will automatically add a new timebar with the text as the title and you only have to enter the duration.

Personalise Your Timewaves

Give each of your timewaves its own unique flavour by selecting an appropriate icon from the Icon Board. Compliment with a title, subtitle and notes to save on your device for reuse at any time.

Add Markdown Notes For Info

Each timewave has a notes section where you can add related information about that timewave for future reference. It could be the steps in a recipe for a cooking timewave or the workout technique for an exercise timewave. It could even just contain a positive message for yourself.

Browse History By Date

Each time you launch a timewave, the start time, the end time and the duration is logged for record keeping. You can filter these logs by date. We also offer an option to clear all logs in case something is in need of hiding.

Powerful Editing Tools

The TimeWave Editor is loaded with intuitive tools to make the process of creating and maintaining a timewave as easy as possible. Things like Swipe to Delete, Drag to Reorder, Edit Mode, Drag and Drop, Contextual Menus, etc are engineered in. For eg: In the case of cloning a timebar, you have the option to clone it in-place, i.e right next to the original one or you can choose to clone and append to the end of the sequence.

Quick Shortcut Options

Long press on a timewave's card to get options to launch the calibre directly from the home view. You can also swipe right to move a timewave to the trash.

All Your Devices. All The Time.

Available on Mac (Apple Silicon), iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch and keeps everything up-to date on all your devices with iCloud Sync. A hand-crafted Indie app with a personal touch. Get your timers in line, get TimeWave.