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The thing that blew our minds is the full black & white UI throughout the app which was an interesting challenge to make work for sure.

- Domagoj Bagaric, CEO - Sintezis Startup Studio Limited.

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This is a super cool app and it really rethinks what a timer should be rather than being really structured for the purpose of one type of workflow like pomodoro technique or something like that. This just kind of covers it all so its a very general purpose app. Like, I plan on using it for cooking whenever they say like 'oh boil for this and wait this', that's like perfect. You configure it once, and its always good to go. And it remembers.

- Dimitri Bouniol, Host -

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There was an iOS app years ago that did something very similar. I don’t remember the name, but I loved it at the time. As a teacher with ADHD, that app was the only way I could make it through a stack of term papers. You got an instant sale from me, just for the concept, and I’ll definitely come back after I’ve tested with any comments or feedback.

- /u/brianjwalton

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I can’t think of a reason that I would need this app, that being said, the layout and design of it appears incredibly user friendly. I might try to find a use just to use it! Great job.

- /u/jeromyk

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Nice design and great idea!

- /u/friend_of_kalman

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Woah. That’s pretty.

- @austboston

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In love with the design and the UX!

- @sujit0120

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